About the Authors

SProfessor Stephen Garnett tephen Garnett has been studying Australian birds since 1974. During the 1980s he worked on the Handbook of Australian, Antarctic and New Zealand Birds and in 1990, with Joost Brouwer, he drafted the first review of Australia’s threatened bird species. He wrote the first Action Plan for Australian Birds in 1992 and the second Action Plan, in association with Gabriel Crowley, in 2000.

He has studied and written about many threatened Australian bird species, most notably the Golden-shouldered Parrot and the Kangaroo Island Glossy Black-Cockatoo, and helped bring the idea of Important Bird Areas to Australia. He also works on natural-resource based livelihoods in northern Australia and South-East Asia. He is a research professor at Charles Darwin University in Darwin.



Judit SzaboJudit Szabo is a research fellow at Charles Darwin University working on Australian threatened birds.

She has studied the effects of pesticides used in locust control on Australian birds. During the five years of field work and data analysis she became interested in issues with data collection and study design, which led to her work on optimal monitoring, bias associated with bird survey data, and using volunteer-collected data to detect trends in bird populations.




Guy DutsonGuy Dutson is an independent consultant, currently working with The Biodiversity Consultancy, who has been researching threatened Australasian birds since rediscovering the Superb Pitta in PNG in 1990.

He developed BirdLife International’s Pacific program, managing projects across the Pacific islands.

Guy moved to Australia in 2006 to develop the Birds Australia–Rio Tinto Important Bird Areas program, and identified all Australian sites of global bird conservation importance. Guy has also worked with bird tourism in the Northern Territory and leads birdwatching tours across the country and globally.



Glenn Ehmke is a senior analyst at Birds Australia where he has worked on conservation and research projects for the last seven years. Glenn’s work ranges from analysing national-scale bird distributions, to design and coordination of volunteer-based bird monitoring programs, working with community groups and threatened bird research programs. Glenn is also a regular contributor to the State of Australia’s Birds series and Wingspan.

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