This Action Plan, like its predecessors, is dedicated to the biologists who work on threatened birds. Such people have always been driven more by a belief that threatened birds are worth saving than monetary reward. It is now 20 years since the first summary of Australia’s threatened birds was written and many of those who were active then are still striving to keep our avian biodiversity intact. To the many who have contributed their knowledge and time to the preparation of this Action Plan we offer our sincere thanks.
We are particularly grateful to the Birds Australia Threatened Species Committee whose members have provided a sounding board for our deliberations over many months. Members of the committee are Barry Baker, Andrew Burbidge, Allan Burbidge, Stuart Butchart, Graham Carpenter, Les Christidis, Guy Dutson, Hugh Ford, Tim Holmes, Sarah Legge, Richard Loyn, Peter Menkhorst, James O’Connor, Penny Olsen, Hugh Possingham, Don Saunders, Andy Symes, David Watson and John Woinarski. Many have been working on the committee since its inception in 2003. Birds Australia as an organisation, and its CEO Graeme Hamilton, have been particularly supportive of the whole enterprise and we wish to express our appreciation to the Research and Conservation Committee and the Birds Australia Council for endorsing the process by which we arrived at the IUCN Red List status of each taxon and imbuing this list with their authority.
For the purposes of the current exercise the Threatened Species Committee was joined by Charles Meredith, CEO of Biosis. The donations of Biosis to Birds Australia made this latest review of Australian birds possible, along with a personal donation of Bob Baird of Biosis, and we are most grateful for their belief in the value of this work. Together with Birds Australia, they provided the co-funding that persuaded the Australian Research Council to support the larger project of which this book is a part: Project LP0990395 Increasing the effectiveness of Australian threatened bird conservation led by Stephen Garnett, Hugh Possingham and Stuart Butchart. Additional in-kind support for the project has been provided by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, BirdLife International and Biosis, all of whom have been far kinder with their time than they may have anticipated.
As part of preparation of the plan we undertook workshops around the country or made contact by other means to garner advice from local experts. We are very grateful to the following people who gave up their time to discuss threatened birds:
Ian Abbott, David Akers, Rachel Alderman, David Andrew, Mark Antos, Chris Armstrong, Dave Armstrong, Mick Atzeni, John Augusteyn, Barry Baker, Jack Baker, David Baker-Gabb, Mike Bamford, Paul Barden, Bob Bates, Phil Bell, Simon Bennett, Joe Benshemesh, Jez Bird, Andrew Black, Stewart Blackhall, Margaret Blakers, John Blyth, Judy Blyth, Walter Boles, Michael Booker, Lesley Brooker, Alan Briggs, Mike Brooke, Bill Brown, Sarah Brown, Sally Bryant, Peter Buosi, Allan Burbidge, Andrew Burbidge, Mavis Burgess, Nigel Burgess, Peter Cale, Rob Calvert, Margaret Cameron, Matt Cameron, Hamish Campbell, Nicholas Carlile, Graham Carpenter, Ian Carruthers, Andrew Carter, Carla Catterall, Dominic Chaplin, Wayne Cherry, Margaret Christian, Maureen Christie, Peter Christie, Greg Clancy, Mike Clarke, Rohan Clarke, Rob Clemens, Alister Cockburn, Andrew Cockburn, Sarah Comer, Jane Cooper, Peter Copley, Nicola Crockford, Gabriel Crowley, Greg Czechura, Jeff Davies, Rob Davis, James Dawson, Stephen Debus, Anneke de Graaf, Terry Dennis, Richard Donaghey, Bruce Doran, Peter Dostine, Mike Double, Fiona Douglas, Nic Dunlop, David Drynan, Peter Ekert, Glenn Ehmke, Robert Farnes, Gary Fitt, James Fitzsimons, Hugh Ford, Bob Forsyth, Don Franklin, Alastair Freeman, Amanda Freeman, Cliff Frith, Dawn Frith, Rosemary Gales, David Geering, Heather Gibbs, Sharon Gillam, Alan Gillanders, Cheryl Gole, Steve Goosem, Ken Gosbell, Sue Gould, Steve Goosem, Gordon Graham, John Grant, Peter Green, Tony Grice, John Griffiths, Ian Gynther, Don Hadden, Michelle Hall, Neil Hamilton, Sheryl Hamilton, Jeff Hardy, Daniel Harley, Graham Harrington, Ken Harris, Chris Hassell, Claire Hawkins, Chris Hedger, Rob Heinsohn, Janos Hennicke, Kerryn Herman, Faye Hill, Richard Hill, Rod Hobson, Richard Holdaway, Mark Holdsworth, Tim Holmes, Jodie Honan, Philippa Horton, Wayne Houston, Victor Hurley, Dean Ingwersen, Roger Jaensch, David James, Clare Jones, Ron Johnstone, Leo Joseph, Liana Joseph, Rod Kavanagh, Arthur Keates, Sheryl Keates, Simon Kennedy, Richard Kingsford, Marcel Klaassen, Alex Kutt, Peter Kyne, Russ Lamb, Peter Latch, Ivan Lawler, Sarah Legge, Colin Lendon, David Lindenmayer, Vanessa Lipianin, Geoff Lipsett-Moore, Lana Little, Sarah Lloyd, Richard Loyn, Patrick McConnell, Keith McDonald, David McFarland, Grainne McGuire, Andrew McIntyre, Natasha McLean, Max Maddock, Richard Major, Adrian Manning, Martine Maron, Ian Mason, Mike Mathieson, Peter Mawson, Ian May, Peter Menkhorst, Charles Meredith, David Milton, Clive Minton, James Moloney, Nick Mooney, Gethin Morgan, Steve Murphy, Simon Mustoe, Tim Nevard, Brenda Newby,Mike Newman, Lloyd Nielsen, Richard Noske, Richard Nott, Martin O’Brien, Damon Oliver, Jerry Olsen, Penny Olsen, Paul O’Neill, Carol Palmer, Blair Parsons, David Paton, Chris Pavey, Saravan Peacock, Lynn Pedler, HarveyPerkins, Justin Perry, Robyn Pickering, Marcus Pickett, John Porter, Hugh Possingham, Noel Preece, Ivor Preston, Catherine Price, Steve Priday, David Priddel, Rachel Pritchard, Sarah Pryke, Bruce Quin, Jim Radford, Kate Ravich, Harry Recher, Julian Reid, Tim Reid, Del Richards, Carly Rickerby, Graham Robertson, Doug Robinson, Mick Roderick, Daniel Rogers, Danny Rogers, Graham Rogers, David Rohweder, Eleanor Rowley, Coral Rowston, Paul Sagar, Rosemary Sandford, Debbie Saunders, Denis Saunders, Don Saunders, Michael Saxon, Elinor Scambler, Jonny Schoenjahn, Erica Shedley, Susan Shephard, Tom Shephard, Luke Shoo, Andrew Silcocks, Anja Skroblin, Ian Smales, Geoff Smith, James Smith, Mike Smith, Todd Soderquist, Roy Sonnenburg, Alistair Stewart, David Stewart, Peter Stokie, Ben Sullivan, Scott Sullivan, Elisa Tack, Michael Tarburton, Peter Taylor, Susan Taylor, Janelle Thomas, David Thompson, Mick Todd, Chris Tzaros, Brian Venables, Anne Marie van Doorn, Jason van Weenen, Mark Wapstra, Matthew Ward, Ron Ward, Simon Ward, Brooke Watson, David Watson, James Watson, John Westaway, Matthew Webb, Rick Webster, Dez Wells, David Westcott, Kirsten Wilkes, Steve Williams, Eric Woehler, John Woinarski and MarkZiembecki.
Other individuals who shared their expertise on individual species is acknowledged at the end of each taxon in the print version, in some of which we also acknowledge contributions to the previous action plans where that information is still pertinent. Of course the current work builds on that of the previous plans which would not have existed but for Joost Brouwer, who initiated the first synopsis of threatened birds in Australia in the 1980s, and Gabriel Crowley who was a co-author of the Action Plan for Australian Birds 2000.
There are others to whom we are most grateful for their contributions. Preparation of the maps would not have been possible without the mastery of Glenn Ehmke whohas the rare combination of skill, artistry and knowledge of birds that was essential for this project. He was greatly supported by Andrew Silcocks, curator of the Birds Australia database. David Drynan, long-term coordinator of the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme, kindly provided the most recent longevity data, thus updating ourestimates of generation time. Mark Burgman and Marissa McBride were instrumental in a structured elicitation process needed to determine the status of some contentious taxa, for which we also had advice from Resit Akcakaya. Tracey Rout helped distinguish extinct taxa from those possibly extinct.
A team at Charles Darwin University has helped with administration of the project including Roanne Ramsay, Heather Robertson and Owen Wrangle. Social researcher Gill Ainsworth encouraged us to be more explicit about values, leading to inclusion of a score for taxonomic uniqueness.
And we would like to thank our editor, Tracey Millen, and publisher John Manger for their understanding as we tried to make this book as current as possible.
Stephen and Guy would like to thank their incredibly tolerant partners, Kerstin Zander and Wendy Foden, who sometimes understood the need to keep working until four in the morning,and Stephen his children, Jeremy, Leah and Christopher, for whom there has never been a time without bird action plans. Judit would like to thank her friends and family, who for the last year tolerated every conversation with her ending up at threatened birds.

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