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Action Plan Introduction

Aims of the Action Plan

This is the third iteration of the Action Plan for Australian Birds, updating Garnett (1992) and Garnett and Crowley (2000), and follows much the same form and style to provide consistency.

The aim of these Action Plans are to:

  • provide a national overview of the conservation status of all birds occurring in Australian territory against IUCN Red List categories and criteria
  • identify threats and recommend actions to minimise those threats
  • identify habitats or areas of particular importance for bird
  • identify information gaps, recommend conservation research and management actions.

The IUCN Red List is not a statutory list. As such we often are able to be more precautionary than is possible in legislative schedules, as well as react more quickly to threats, or the diminution of those threats. Some of the recommendations of this Action Plan may be incorporated into the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and other equivalent legislation in the States and Territories. However, such legislative procedures must usually take account of more than the risk of extinction if they are to be legally binding. However, what this Action Plan does is provide a picture of the status of Australia’s birds as of 2010 against a single set of criteria using a consistent methodology.

Using the online version

The conservation summaries can be accessed via a filterable and sortable list or via a sortable table.  The data for conservation summaries can be download as a .csv spreadsheet file via a link on each summary page.

A physical version of The Action Plan for Australian Birds is published by Csiro Publishing. While every attempt has been made to create a true and accurate online version the published book should be considered definitive with regard to any discrepancies.

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