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Table of Conservation Summaries

On this page is a table of the conservation profiles of Australian extinct and endangered birds.

The default display lists conservation profiles in taxanomic order.

Click on the header of each column to sort the data by taxanomic order, name or status in either ascending or descending order.

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Taxanomic order Common name IUCN Red List Status 2010 EBPC Act Status 2010sort descending
68 White-necked Petrel (southern) Endangered
145 Orange-bellied Parrot Critically Endangered critically endangered
59 Herald Petrel Vulnerable critically endangered
194 Scrubtit (King Island) Critically Endangered critically endangered
213 Spotted Quail-thrush (Mt Lofty Ranges) Critically Endangered critically endangered
209 Yellow Chat (Capricorn) Endangered critically endangered
172 Southern Emu-wren (Fleurieu Peninsula) Endangered endangered
146 Western Ground Parrot Critically Endangered endangered
85 Wedge-tailed Eagle (Tasmanian) Vulnerable endangered
247 Star Finch (southern) Critically Endangered endangered
142 Tasman Parakeet (Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island Green Parakeet) Critically Endangered endangered
140 Golden-shouldered Parrot Endangered endangered
129 Glossy Black-Cockatoo (Kangaroo Island) Endangered endangered
139 Swift Parrot Endangered endangered
123 Antarctic Tern (New Zealand) Endangered endangered
83 Variable Goshawk (Christmas Island) Endangered endangered
80 Australasian Bittern Endangered endangered
134 Double-eyed Fig-Parrot (southern, Coxen's) Endangered endangered
237 Island Thrush (Christmas Island) Near Threatened endangered
229 Hooded Robin (Tiwi Islands) Critically Endangered endangered
28 Northern Royal Albatross Endangered endangered
244 Black-throated Finch (southern) Vulnerable endangered
131 Carnaby's Black-Cockatoo Endangered endangered
76 Abbott's Booby Endangered endangered
26 Tristan Albatross Critically Endangered endangered
248 Gouldian Finch Near Threatened endangered
195 Chestnut-rumped Heathwren (Mount Lofty Ranges) Endangered endangered
67 Gould's Petrel (Australian) Vulnerable endangered
116 Buff-breasted Button-quail Endangered endangered
65 Gould's Petrel Vulnerable endangered
204 Forty-spotted Pardalote Endangered endangered
190 Eastern Bristlebird (southern) Endangered endangered
205 Yellow-tufted Honeyeater (Helmeted) Critically Endangered endangered
189 Eastern Bristlebird Endangered endangered
206 Black-eared Miner Endangered endangered
210 Yellow Chat (Alligator Rivers) Endangered endangered
127 Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (south-eastern) Endangered endangered
207 Regent Honeyeater Critically Endangered endangered
12 Emerald Dove (Christmas Island) Near Threatened endangered
191 Eastern Bristlebird (northern) Critically Endangered endangered
157 Azure Kingfisher (Tasmanian) Vulnerable endangered
156 Masked Owl (Tiwi Islands) Endangered endangered
1 Southern Cassowary (Australian) Vulnerable endangered
216 Western Whipbird (western heath) Endangered endangered
90 Buff-banded Rail (Cocos Keeling Islands) Vulnerable endangered
202 Brown Thornbill (King Island) Critically Endangered endangered
152 Southern Boobook (Norfolk Island x New Zealand) Critically Endangered endangered
92 Lord Howe Woodhen Endangered endangered
174 Mallee Emu-wren Endangered endangered
35 Grey-headed Albatross Critically Endangered endangered
148 Night Parrot Endangered endangered
243 Tasman Starling (Lord Howe Island) Extinct extinct
241 Tasman Starling Extinct extinct
242 Tasman Starling (Norfolk Island) Extinct extinct
239 Island Thrush (Lord Howe Island, Vinous-tinted) Extinct extinct
233 Robust White-eye Extinct extinct
235 White-chested White-eye Critically Endangered extinct
238 Island Thrush (Norfolk Island, Grey-headed Blackbird) Extinct extinct
224 Grey Fantail (Lord Howe Island) Extinct extinct
217 Long-tailed Triller (Norfolk Island) Extinct extinct
200 Lord Howe Gerygone Extinct extinct
193 Rufous Bristlebird (western) Extinct extinct
144 Red-fronted Parakeet (Macquarie Island) Extinct extinct
151 Southern Boobook (Lord Howe Island) Extinct extinct
125 Norfolk Island Kaka Extinct extinct
141 Paradise Parrot Extinct extinct
143 Tasman Parakeet (Lord Howe Island) Extinct extinct
91 Buff-banded Rail (Macquarie Island) Extinct extinct
89 Lewin's Rail (Western Australian) Extinct extinct
87 White Gallinule Extinct extinct
19 New Zealand Pigeon (Norfolk Island) Extinct extinct
11 White-throated Pigeon (Lord Howe Island) Extinct extinct
2 Emu (Tasmanian) Extinct extinct
3 King Island Emu Extinct extinct
4 Kangaroo Island Emu Extinct extinct
103 Black-tailed Godwit (eastern Siberian) Near Threatened not listed
88 Lewin's Rail (Tasmanian) Vulnerable not listed
70 South Georgian Diving-Petrel Vulnerable not listed
227 Flame Robin Near Threatened not listed
69 Common Diving-Petrel (southern) Vulnerable not listed
171 Southern Emu-wren (Dirk Hartog Island) Vulnerable not listed
228 Hooded Robin (south-eastern) Near Threatened not listed
99 Hooded Plover (eastern) Vulnerable not listed
86 Grey Falcon Vulnerable not listed
61 White-headed Petrel Endangered not listed
170 Variegated Fairy-wren (Shark Bay) Vulnerable not listed
230 Horsfield's Bushlark (Tiwi Islands) Vulnerable not listed
231 Christmas Island White-eye Near Threatened not listed
122 White-fronted Tern Endangered not listed
82 Brown Goshawk (Papuan) Near Threatened not listed
138 Green Rosella (King Island) Vulnerable not listed
232 Silvereye (Lord Howe Island) Near Threatened not listed
167 Purple-crowned Fairy-wren (eastern) Near Threatened not listed
234 Slender-billed White-eye Near Threatened not listed
81 Letter-winged Kite Near Threatened not listed
45 Fulmar Prion (southern) Vulnerable not listed
135 Eclectus Parrot (Cape York Peninsula) Near Threatened not listed
236 Bassian Thrush (South Australian) Vulnerable not listed
165 Fawn-breasted Bowerbird Near Threatened not listed
184 Thick-billed Grasswren (central New South Wales) Extinct not listed
43 Antarctic Prion Endangered not listed
197 Rufous Fieldwren (Dorre Island) Vulnerable not listed
133 Major Mitchell's Cockatoo (eastern) Near Threatened not listed
240 Singing Starling Near Threatened not listed
77 Masked Booby (Tasman Sea) Near Threatened not listed
79 Imperial Shag (Macquarie Island) Vulnerable not listed
221 Pied Currawong (Grampians) Extinct not listed
121 Fairy Tern (Australian) Vulnerable not listed
159 Albert's Lyrebird Near Threatened not listed
120 Fairy Tern (New Caledonian) Endangered not listed
23 Grey-backed Storm-Petrel Endangered not listed
196 Chestnut-rumped Heathwren (Flinders Ranges) Vulnerable not listed
160 Rufous Scrub-bird Endangered not listed
246 Star Finch (Cape York Peninsula) Near Threatened not listed
74 Royal Penguin Near Threatened not listed
22 Wilson's Storm-Petrel (subantarctic) Vulnerable not listed
21 Matsudaira's Storm-Petrel Vulnerable not listed
161 Rufous Scrub-bird (southern) Endangered not listed
66 Gould's Petrel (New Caledonian) Vulnerable not listed
10 White-tailed Tropicbird (Indian Ocean) Endangered not listed
20 Glossy Swiftlet (Christmas Island) Near Threatened not listed
162 Rufous Scrub-bird (northern) Endangered not listed
164 Brown Treecreeper (south-eastern) Near Threatened not listed
8 Red-tailed Tropicbird Near Threatened not listed
18 Christmas Island Imperial-Pigeon Near Threatened not listed
130 Glossy Black-Cockatoo (south-eastern) Near Threatened not listed
104 Bar-tailed Godwit (western Alaskan) Vulnerable not listed
203 Chestnut-breasted Whiteface Near Threatened not listed
16 White-quilled Rock-Pigeon (Stokes Range) Near Threatened not listed
182 Thick-billed Grasswren (MacDonnell Ranges) Extinct not listed
96 Lesser Sand Plover (Kamchatkan) Endangered not listed
62 Providence Petrel Vulnerable not listed
105 Bar-tailed Godwit (northern Siberian) Vulnerable not listed
198 Rufous Fieldwren (Dirk Hartog Island) Vulnerable not listed
113 Red Knot (north-eastern Siberia) Vulnerable not listed
63 Mottled Petrel Near Threatened not listed
114 Curlew Sandpiper Vulnerable not listed
112 Red Knot (New Siberian Islands) Vulnerable not listed
57 Tahiti Petrel (New Caledonian) Near Threatened not listed
126 Palm Cockatoo (Australian) Vulnerable not listed
13 Partridge Pigeon Vulnerable not listed
188 Black Grasswren Near Threatened not listed
111 Great Knot Vulnerable not listed
55 Tahiti Petrel Near Threatened not listed
199 Norfolk Island Gerygone Near Threatened not listed
187 Western Grasswren (Gawler Ranges) Vulnerable not listed
110 Asian Dowitcher Near Threatened not listed
56 Tahiti Petrel (Pacific) Near Threatened not listed
208 Yellow Wattlebird (King Island) Near Threatened not listed
7 Blue-billed Duck Near Threatened not listed
186 Thick-billed Grasswren (Lake Frome Basin) Near Threatened not listed
109 Ruddy Turnstone (Palaearctic) Near Threatened not listed
53 Hutton's Shearwater Endangered not listed
158 Sacred Kingfisher (Norfolk Island) Near Threatened not listed
211 Black-chinned Honeyeater (south-eastern) Near Threatened not listed
9 White-tailed Tropicbird (Christmas Island) Endangered not listed
201 Slender-billed Thornbill (Gulf St Vincent) Vulnerable not listed
178 Short-tailed Grasswren (Flinders Ranges) Vulnerable not listed
108 Grey-tailed Tattler Near Threatened not listed
54 Little Shearwater (Tasman Sea) Vulnerable not listed
212 Painted Honeyeater Vulnerable not listed
181 Carpentarian Grasswren Near Threatened not listed
185 Thick-billed Grasswren (Flinders Ranges) Vulnerable not listed
107 Eastern Curlew Vulnerable not listed
73 Macaroni Penguin Near Threatened not listed
214 Western Whipbird (Kangaroo Island) Near Threatened not listed
180 White-throated Grasswren Vulnerable not listed
106 Whimbrel (eastern Siberian) Near Threatened not listed
72 Southern Rockhopper Penguin (eastern) Vulnerable not listed
17 Norfolk Island Ground-Dove Extinct not listed
179 Short-tailed Grasswren (Gawler Ranges) Vulnerable not listed
71 Gentoo Penguin (subantarctic) Near Threatened not listed
52 Sooty Shearwater Near Threatened not listed
50 Buller's Shearwater Vulnerable not listed
64 Pycroft's Petrel Extinct not listed
177 Short-tailed Grasswren Vulnerable not listed
98 Hooded Plover Vulnerable not listed
51 Flesh-footed Shearwater Near Threatened not listed
219 Golden Whistler (Lord Howe Island) Near Threatened not listed
94 Grey Plover Near Threatened not listed
176 Striated Grasswren (sandplain) Near Threatened not listed
97 Greater Sand Plover (Mongolian) Vulnerable not listed
49 Grey Petrel Endangered not listed
150 Barking Owl (southern) Near Threatened not listed
95 Lesser Sand Plover (Mongolian) Endangered not listed
48 Black Petrel Vulnerable not listed
41 Light-mantled Albatross Endangered not listed
149 Barking Owl (Papuan) Near Threatened not listed
47 Westland Petrel Vulnerable not listed
223 Black Currawong (King Island) Endangered not listed
93 Black-faced Sheathbill (Heard Island) Vulnerable not listed
46 White-chinned Petrel Vulnerable not listed
147 Eastern Ground Parrot (mainland) Near Threatened not listed
225 Grey Fantail (Norfolk Island) Near Threatened not listed
40 Sooty Albatross Endangered vulnerable
25 Wandering Albatross Critically Endangered vulnerable
226 Scarlet Robin (Norfolk Island) Endangered vulnerable
100 Hooded Plover (western) Vulnerable vulnerable
39 Buller's Albatross (northern) Near Threatened vulnerable
38 Buller's Albatross (southern) Near Threatened vulnerable
37 Buller's Albatross Near Threatened vulnerable
84 Red Goshawk Near Threatened vulnerable
60 Soft-plumaged Petrel Critically Endangered vulnerable
169 White-winged Fairy-wren (Dirk Hartog Island) Vulnerable vulnerable
36 Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross Endangered vulnerable
168 White-winged Fairy-wren (Barrow Island) Vulnerable vulnerable
34 Salvin's Albatross Vulnerable vulnerable
58 Kermadec Petrel (western) Endangered vulnerable
33 White-capped Albatross Vulnerable vulnerable
136 Regent Parrot (eastern) Endangered vulnerable
124 Antarctic Tern (Indian Ocean) Endangered vulnerable
166 Purple-crowned Fairy-wren (western) Endangered vulnerable
32 Shy Albatross Vulnerable vulnerable
24 White-bellied Storm-Petrel (Tasman Sea) Vulnerable vulnerable
44 Fairy Prion (southern) Endangered vulnerable
31 Campbell Albatross Vulnerable vulnerable
78 Imperial Shag (Heard Island) Near Threatened vulnerable
29 Southern Royal Albatross Vulnerable vulnerable
42 Blue Petrel Critically Endangered vulnerable
192 Western Bristlebird Endangered vulnerable
132 Baudin's Black-Cockatoo Endangered vulnerable
75 Christmas Island Frigatebird Critically Endangered vulnerable
27 Antipodean Albatross (Auckland Islands) Endangered vulnerable
245 Crimson Finch (white-bellied) Near Threatened vulnerable
119 Fairy Tern Vulnerable vulnerable
183 Thick-billed Grasswren (north-west New South Wales) Critically Endangered vulnerable
118 Lesser Noddy (Houtman Abrolhos) Endangered vulnerable
117 Painted Button-quail (Houtman Abrolhos) Endangered vulnerable
163 Noisy Scrub-bird Endangered vulnerable
137 Princess Parrot Near Threatened vulnerable
115 Black-breasted Button-quail Near Threatened vulnerable
14 Partridge Pigeon (western) Vulnerable vulnerable
15 Partridge Pigeon (eastern) Vulnerable vulnerable
128 Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (south-western) Vulnerable vulnerable
6 Cape Barren Goose (south-western) Vulnerable vulnerable
155 Masked Owl (northern) Vulnerable vulnerable
215 Western Whipbird (eastern) Vulnerable vulnerable
5 Malleefowl Vulnerable vulnerable
102 Australian Painted Snipe Endangered vulnerable
154 Masked Owl (Tasmanian) Endangered vulnerable
101 Plains-wanderer Endangered vulnerable
153 Christmas Island Hawk-Owl Vulnerable vulnerable
218 Red-lored Whistler Vulnerable vulnerable
220 Golden Whistler (Norfolk Island) Near Threatened vulnerable
175 Grey Grasswren (Bulloo) Endangered vulnerable
222 Pied Currawong (Lord Howe Island) Endangered vulnerable
173 Southern Emu-wren (Eyre Peninsula) Endangered vulnerable
30 Black-browed Albatross Endangered vulnerable

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