Flame Robin: photo David CookThe status of the entire Australian bird fauna was first reviewed in 1992 and again in 2000. The latest Action Plan for Australian Birds 2010 is the most authoritative account yet of the status of Australia's birds.  This site presents the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List status of all the species and subspecies of Australia's birds, including those of the offshore territories.

For each bird the size and trend in their population and distribution has been analysed using the latest iteration of IUCN Red List Criteria to determine their risk of extinction.This includes an account of all those species and subspecies that are or could be extinct. Each categorisation is justified on the basis of the latest research, including much unpublished material that has been made available during workshops conducted with leading ornithologists and conservation biologists around the country, as well as through phone interviews and correspondence.

In total, two hundred and thirty eight conservation summaries are accessible via this site, either as a filterable list or as a sortable table.  Online summaries include IUCN Red List eligibility and assessment data as well as EPBC (Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act) status. Also included are distribution maps created specifically for the Action Plan based on vetted data drawn from the records of Birds Australia, its members and its partners in many government departments. Some online summaries also include an image of the bird.

A print and ebook version are also available which additionally provide a retrospective assessment of IUCN status in 1990 and 2000 based on current knowledge, taxonomic revisions and changes to the IUCN Red List criteria, and reasons why the status of some taxa has changed over the last two decades.

The Action Plan for Australian Birds 2010 was created as part of wider Australian Research Council project: Increasing the effectiveness of Australian threatened bird conservation. This project reviews the efforts to conserve Australia's bird life over the past two decades and identifies characteristics of programs that affect success. Accessible on this site are updates on current components of this project including an investigation of the social values of Australia's threatened birds and a review of economic and institutional frameworks in which conservation efforts operate.

Ultimately the project should help guide the allocation of resources to threatened bird conservation to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.

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